Terms of service

Terms and Conditions:

  • Accessories cannot be exchanged.
  • Claims are to be settled within one week time period.
  • Product will be sent to Head Office for approval and decision.
  • Any decree regarding complaints given by the Customer Care Department is final and is not subject to any further modifications.
  • In all cases, customer will bear the cost of sending item(s) back to us.
  • For exchange of a product the Customer will call our Helpline. In response, the customer will be guided through the process and further actions.
  • It is essential that care instructions mentioned on the products and brochures/flyers are followed exactly. If the product hasn’t been used according to the given directions then Punjab Optics is not liable for the adjustment of that complaint.
  • No exchange options are available for product(s) sold at discounted prices, or on sales & promotions.
  • There is NO “Refund” Policy on purchased items.